Introducing BICY – Cities and Regions of Bicycles

By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 20 Feb 2015

Most European cities suffer from an unsustainable yet still increasing problem of traffic congestion, carbon emissions and noise pollution caused by an ever growing number of cars. The project BICY – Cities and Regions of Bicycles aims to tackle this problem for inner city areas by promoting cycling in everyday life in Central European cities. It is clear that cycling would be a solution for many urban problems. Considering that every second car trip in urban areas is shorter than 5 km and could be made by bicycle there is a huge potential for modal shift to gain benefits on many different levels.

An increase in the share of bicycle traffic would lead to cities that gain space for their citizens and have lower levels of air and noise pollution. Individuals would benefit because cyclists are healthier and fitter. Which in turn would also have socio-economic benefits because the promotion of bicycle traffic costs little compared to the benefits: a simple cost-benefit analysis shows that 2 Euros invested in cycling brings a return of 5 Euros (Source: Cycling Embassy of Denmark).

To promote cycling in everyday life and to achieve a shift from motorised traffic to bicycle traffic, local and regional cycling strategies are being developed within the BICY project that are based on mutual learning between the partners. Furthermore, the partners aim to implement concepts for bicycle networks, bicycle parking and theft prevention as well as innovative bicycle services in the different partner countries.

The project produced a brochure called “Bicycle Parking Made Easy – A guide to the construction of bicycle facilities”, that provides detailed information and guidelines about quality criteria, site planning and determination of parking needs for bicycle parking facilities. It is available for download on the Eltis website under the Tools for Practitioner section or from  the BICY website in six European languages and is a great tool that underlines how bicycle parking measures can actively promote bicycle traffic and thus should be considered an important intervention in cities wanting to increase their bicycle share.  

Another interesting brochure, “20 good reasons for cycling”, is a handy tool to convince decision makers and politicians of giving cycling a greater role in local transport policy. It showcases the advantages of cycling, backing them up with useful analyses and facts. It is an updated version of a brochure originally produced for the City of Graz and now available in eight European languages on the BICY website.

BICY- Cities and Regions of Bicycles is co-funded by Central Europe Programme

Download the BICY- Bicycle Parking Brochure here

Scan through the BICY outputs here, more info on BICY website.

Contact: Project Coordinator Susanne Wrighton