European conference provides opportunity to learn, exchange and network

By Eltis Team / Updated: 26 Mar 2015

What constitutes best practice in mobility planning is in a state of constant evolution. Measures that were considered the best way forward 10 years ago may not be considered the correct path to take today. Whereas once city roads were repeatedly widened as a remedy for vehicle congestion, now this is considered an invitation for more people to drive, increasing traffic. In the past tram tracks were removed; today, cities are reinstating them, recognising the environmental and social benefits of this type of public transport. Thinking on mobility is far from static, and regular analysis is needed to shape progress.

Ensuring that city planners have the most up-to-date information is vital to the development of successful transport strategies.  Today, an unprecedented number of urban areas are working on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans with support coming from, among others, a number of EU supported initiatives and projects.

To give those involved in the design and execution of such plans a chance to explore developments and debate planning matters in a formal setting, the European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans is organising the second European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Bucharest, Romania on the 16th and 17th of June 2015. As Europe's  principal event on urban mobility planning, and building on the success of the first edition held in Sopot, Poland in 2014, this year’s conference is expected to attract 250 practitioners, policy makers and academics, exceeding the 144 delegates who attended in 2014.

Under the theme of ‘sustainable mobility for everyone’ the conference will look at tackling social exclusion through transport planning, making transport more affordable and enhancing accessibility to jobs and services. Thematic working groups will also explore strategies for the development of mobility plans within different budgetary and geographic contexts and scales of the urban area. Technical sessions will be held to address issues such as data collection, scenario development, modelling and integrated energy planning.

Cities who have successfully developed and implemented a plan will share their experiences, while EC representatives will provide information on policy developments, initiatives and future actions.

European projects dedicated to helping cities develop better SUMPs will share lessons learned, common obstacles and success stories from across the continent. 

The host country will play a prominent role in the event; Romanian cities are increasingly embracing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan concept, with eight cities currently preparing mobility plans through the Growth Poles Programme. Speakers from Romania will outline their path to better mobility planning.

Conference attendance is free of charge. More information on the agenda and online registration are available on the event pages.


2nd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Bucharest, Romania on the 16th and 17th of June 2015