Eltis newsletter - January 2021

By jessdonnelly / Updated: 19 Jan 2021

Welcome to the January edition of the Eltis newsletter.

To start the year, we highlight the release of the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) report on the recommendations for public authorities for electric vehicle recharging infrastructure and the call for applications to join a new sub-group related to this (with a deadline of 1 February 2021). Also featured is EIT Urban Mobility's first free online course 'Designing the Cycling City', and the new Hungarian translation of the SUMP guidelines.

This month we also share the final set of deliverables from the Cities-4-People project, a multimodal route planner app being used in Madrid, as well as case study and video examples of measures supporting accessibility in Poland and parking management in Belgium.

Please note that the home page of the Eltis website is frequently updated with details of useful online networking events and webinars. Many of these events are arranged at short notice, so it’s worth checking in on a regular basis.

Kind regards,

The Eltis team