Eltis interview: Accelerating the uptake of SUMPs around Europe

By News Editor / Updated: 27 Feb 2017

This month, Eltis interviews Cristina Garzillo, the co-ordinator of the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project. 


Please sum up the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project in a sentence

SUMPs-Up's goal is to provide cities with training opportunities, tools and support to help them develop high-quality Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, and work with national governments to raise awareness of the concept and create favourable conditions that will allow local authorities to develop SUMPs easier.

How have cities so far benefitted from the project’s work?

The benefits are yet to come as we are still in a phase of research, but cities are already playing a pivotal role in our project. To help us design the right tools, guidance and support activities, we have released a survey for cities to complete that tells us what their needs and barriers are to developing SUMPs. The survey is still open and city representatives that complete it will be put on our priority list for our activities – which will include funding opportunities, workshop and e-learning courses.



What are the key project publications or resources (current or future) related to sustainable urban mobility, and how can cities use them?

We will soon be performing a review of the best tools currently on the market that can help cities develop SUMPs. We will select at least 50 for an expert online inventory where, based on a filtering system, cities will be able to find tailored bundles of tools for their needs. The inventory will be complemented with a guide on how cities can practically apply the tools.

What opportunities are there to become involved in the project?

Later in March we're launching a call for urban mobility planning practitioners to join a community of experts to create and test innovative SUMP measures in cities. Keep an eye on the Eltis News section for news of the launch!

How can people keep up to date with project activity?

While we are in the development phase of our website, you can keep track of what we're doing by following us on Twitter, and by visiting our dedicated page on Eltis. You can also contact us by writing to contact@sumps-up.eu.

Name one development/innovation that you think will affect urban mobility in Europe over the next five years

Recent times have seen a number of innovations with a potential to change travel behaviour in a fundamental way. I strongly believe in shared mobility and 'Mobility as a Service', which allows consumers to buy mobility services that are provided by the same or different operators by using just one gateway and a single payment. Our cities have a key responsibility in this by ensuring responsive, integrated chains, value-added digital platforms which link supply and demand.

What is the most interesting mobility-related book/paper/research you have read recently?

I enjoyed the EEA’s new report ‘TERM 2016: Transitions towards a more sustainable mobility system’ which assesses the progress European Union Member States are making to improve the environmental performance of transport in line with related EU policy targets. The key to this report lies in the descriptions of the big changes underway in the sector, from emerging technologies to shared or on-demand online mobility services for commuters. Through reading the report the importance that pressure on the environment will continue if action isn’t taken to make transport sustainable is clear.


For more information about the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project, visit sumps-up.eu.