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Ricardo Energy and Environment
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    2018 September 2018August 2018July 2018June 2018May 2018April 2018March 2018February 2018 2017 September 2017August 2017July 2017June 2017May 2017April 2017March 2017February 2017January 2017...
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    The Finnish counterparts of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) at regional level are Transport System Plans.  In the Helsinki Region, a law requires that a Transport System Plan be drafted...
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    About the platform The European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans supports the transition towards competitive and resource-efficient mobility systems in European cities by: Supporting the...
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    Despite huge improvements in road safety in recent decades, there is a trend towards stagnating road safety figures and the number of fatalities and serious injuries remains too high. This is why the...
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    The transport sector contributes to over 20% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, of which over 70% is from road transport. In urban areas, transport contributes significantly to air quality...
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