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Mobility management
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Mobility management refers to the promotion of sustainable transport. At the core of mobility management are 'soft' awareness-raising measures like information, communication and marketing campaigns. Mobility management measures do not necessarily require large financial investments and may provide cities with good value for money.

By Pau Vilaplana / Updated: 22 Sep 2016
By Pau Vilaplana / Updated: 22 Sep 2016
By News Editor / Updated: 30 Sep 2016

French postal service creates ecomobility service


French postal service La Poste has launched a new collaborative ecomobility initiative that it hopes will turn it into a leader in providing mobility solutions for public and private companies and associations.

Called Bemobi, the scheme brings together three existing La Poste subsidiaries – Greenovia,  Véhiposte and Mobigreen - that are responsible for eco-driving and fleet optimisation, car rental and driver training services, respectively.

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By News Editor / Updated: 20 Sep 2016

European Mobility Week 2016 kicks off across the continent


Over 2 300 cities and towns from 50 countries are taking part in the 15th annual EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, with activities taking place across Europe from 16 to 22 September.

The theme of this year is 'Smart and sustainable mobility – an investment for Europe’. The main aim is to promote awareness of the economic benefits of investing in safe, clean transport for people and companies.

By Gabor Heves / Updated: 15 Sep 2016
By Chiara Benetti / Updated: 08 Sep 2016

EUBCE 2017

As one of the world’s leading R&D conference combined with an international exhibition, the EUBCE represents the leading platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific know-how in the field of biomass.

The conference programme will address topics from biomass to bioliquids and biofuels for heat and electricity, transport and biobased products.

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2016

European Mobility Week

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaign is the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility alternatives to citizens, to explain the challenges that cities and towns are facing in order to induce behavioural change and make progress towards creating a more sustainable transport strategy for Europe

By Lucia Cristea / Updated: 23 Aug 2016

3rd CHUMS project webinar

Find out in our CHUMS webinar. We'll share insights and knowledge gained in the two years of implementing the CHUMS package of measures in 5 European cities. We'll present the project results, the success factors, the tools and guides developed in the frame of the project.


  • Paul Curtis, Project Coordinator – Vectos (UK)
  • Gitte Van Den Bergh and Dirk Engels, Evaluation Managers – TML (BE)
  • Radu Gaspar, Dissemination manager – EIP (RO)


By Lucia Cristea / Updated: 17 Oct 2016

CHUMS Carpool Site Appraisal Tool

This tool enables a quick assessment of a candidate site’s suitability for carpooling and indicates (in a very general manner) the likely impacts of introducing the CHUMS measures as well as identifying supporting measures which are most likely to maximise the impact of CHUMS.

The tool takes the form of a Microsoft Excel file which asks users to answer 37 simple checkbox questions related to eight key factors which influence carpooling (it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete).

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