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Mobility management
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Mobility management refers to the promotion of sustainable transport. At the core of mobility management are 'soft' awareness-raising measures like information, communication and marketing campaigns. Mobility management measures do not necessarily require large financial investments and may provide cities with good value for money.

By Pau Vilaplana / Updated: 20 Sep 2017
By DuivenbodeL / Updated: 22 Sep 2017

Smart Urban Mobility solutions: bridging the gap

Join our discussion on how to bridge the gap between supply and demand for smart urban mobility solutions in Amsterdam on 27 September.

Speakers from BMW Startup Garage, Rotterdam Mobility Lab, and Mastercard will share what they look at when investing in or trialling new services.

By Mobility Academy / Updated: 14 Sep 2017

wocomoco 2017

On 18, 19 and 20 October 2017, the Swiss Mobility Academy will be hosting it’s 5th World Collaborative Mobility Congress – "wocomoco" – in Berlin, Germany. Key players from all over the globe gather here to exchange their views and present their latest innovations in the thriving markets of car-, ride- and bike-sharing.

By DuivenbodeL / Updated: 12 Sep 2017

New European Commission service offers support to sustainable urban mobility projects


Are you a European public organisation (city, region) or a company who is planning to invest in sustainable urban mobility? Then a new service from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport could provide you with the support you need.

On behalf of the the European Commission, the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy and The Extremely Useful Company will help you to:

By Sean Carroll / Updated: 31 Aug 2017

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK encourages citizens to get out from behind the windscreen

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is a chance for citizens and policy makers to try out new forms of mobility, and to see the benefits of opting for more sustainable forms of transport. Citizens are invited to try alternatives to car use and see first-hand how cleaner mobility can benefit them in terms of health, finances, and quality of life, in addition to improving the environment.

By Pau Vilaplana / Updated: 04 Sep 2017

The campaign getting the residents of Terrassa walking (Spain)


The City Council in the Spanish city of Terrasa has recently launched an innovative campaign that aims to get its residents walking. Entitled “Step by step”, it is one of a number of measures designed to encourage a shift towards more active modes of travel. It is forms part of the town’s Urban Mobility Plan for 2016-2021, which was approved in June of this year.

By Vera Ferraiuolo / Updated: 17 Jul 2017

Managing socio-cultural factors during emergencies in public transport systems

The IMPACT project is glad to invite you to its final dissemination event: "Managing socio-cultural factors during emergencies in public transport systems". It will be held in Rome (Italy) on 21-22 September 2017.

IMPACT is a European Commission Coordination and Support Action investigating the key role played by cultural factors in managing safety and security issues related to emergencies in public transport systems.

By Margit Braun / Updated: 30 Jun 2017

Bike Sharing System in Burgas (Bulgaria)


The city of Burgas started the implementation of a bike-sharing service in 2012 and was the first Bulgarian city to include the practice as part of an integrated urban mobility policy. The initial project, "Cycling City – a Model of Modern Urban Mobility", was financed by the Global Environmental Fund (GEF) and aimed to increase infrastructure for and access to non-motorised forms of transport. Since its introduction, the system has been extended and constantly improved; e-bikes are envisaged for the near future.

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By Pau Vilaplana / Updated: 28 Jun 2017

Terrassa City Council sets up parking areas for GPS usage (Spain)


The use of electronic devices while driving is banned by Spanish traffic regulations. However, some drivers continue to look up routes on their phones or satellite navigation systems whilst travelling, which endangers both other road users and themselves.

To counteract this, Terrassa City Council - located in the Catalonia region of Spain - will soon introduce special parking areas that provide drivers with a place to stop and input their new routes. It is believed to be the first initiative of its kind worldwide.

By News Editor / Updated: 07 Aug 2017

The success of Helsinki's bike sharing scheme


Sometimes things work better a second time round. That is certainly proving the case for Helsinki's bike sharing scheme. It initially ran from 2000-2009, but when it was stopped under half of the 400 bikes available at launch were still usable.

Relaunched in the summer of 2016 with 500 bikes and 50 stations, the "Kaupunkipyörät" (city bikes) scheme has returned for the 2017 season with triple the capacity.  The neighbouring city of Espoo is piloting 100 bikes and 10 stations, with these forming part of the Helsinki scheme.

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