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Collective passenger transport
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Besides public transport such as rail, metro, tram and bus networks, collective passenger transport also covers car-sharing, car-pooling and flexible mobility services such as train-taxi schemes and demand-responsive transport in areas of low demand.

Improvements to public transport services may address public transport vehicles and related infrastructure, as well as management techniques.

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 27 Feb 2018

New web portal on infomobility in Turin


The City of Turin has launched a new mobile information service – also available in English - called "Muoversi a Torino", with the aim of providing useful and updated information for travelling within its metropolitan area. The service was created and is managed by 5T Srl.

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By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 08 Mar 2018

Free movement of people: Basel tram connects Switzerland, France and Germany


In December, the Swiss town of Basel opened a new tram track to Saint Louis in the French part of its agglomeration. Two years ago, Basel had already connected its tram network to the adjacent German town of Weil am Rhein. It is unique that an urban tram network covers three countries.

Basel’s agglomeration covers Switzerland, France and Germany, and hence, urban mobility planning should connect the three. Therefore, the opening of tram 3 to Saint Louis is an important part of agglomeration’s mobility strategy.

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 12 Feb 2018

Transport for all: the committment of European public transport


Thanks to its “TRAVEL FOR ALL – The Commitment of European Public Transport” brochure, UITP showcases its commitment to provide transport quality services accessible for all. Right at the time of discussion on the European Accessibility Act, UITP reports on its contribution and its willingness to take on the challenge of safeguarding accessibility for all, a highly relevant factor in public transportation tackling manifolds aspects such as the network penetration, entering the service offer or vehicles designs for the trip itself.

By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 07 Feb 2018

Aarhus commuters travel light


The City of Aarhus has inaugurated the first part of its light rail network, the Aarhus Letbane. On 21 December, it opened the first phase the network, a 12-kilometer loop that services 12 stations. The light rail replaces existing bus lines, and thereby reduces noise and pollution. At the same time, the light rail is expected to drive urban development, thanks to a better connection between nieghbourhoods and the city.

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By Michiel Modijefsky / Updated: 12 Feb 2018

City of Antwerp welcomes new free-floating car sharing scheme


On January 15, start-up Poppy launched an environmentally friendly car sharing scheme. The new car sharing platform introduced a fleet of 350 electric and CNG vehicles based on a free-floating principle. This means cars do not have to be collected from and returned to fixed stations.

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 07 Feb 2018

Traffic lights give priority to delayed buses in Lisbon


The project aims to provide passengers with a more regular public transport services

Delayed buses will have priority at the traffic lights. The Lisbon City Council will advance with this project in some areas of the Portuguese capital, in order to create more regularity and punctuality on buses, as Diário de Notícias reported. The goal is also to persuade people to reduce the number of cars in the city, but for that “there has to be a quality transport service”, said the delegate of the division Miguel Gaspar, mobility and security adviser.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 17 Jan 2018

LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress & Exhibition (SITCE) - Rail edition

The third edition of LTA-UITP International Transport  Congress and Exhibition will return in July 2018, focusing on how digital technologies will transform the rail transport landscape and the need to bring innovative solutions to a people-centric transportation system in order to improve commuters’ experience.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 17 Jan 2018

MENA Transport Congress & Exhibition: "Pioneering for Customer Happiness"

With a growing number of participants, technical offers, networking opportunities, and an extensive exhibition showcasing who’s who in the public transport industry, this is the premiere and most attended public transport event in the region.
By Tom Nokes / Updated: 17 Jan 2018

IT2Rail Final Event

A demonstration of IT2Rail results will be held during the Transport Research Arena event in Vienna next spring.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 18 Jan 2018

Bus Procurement, Maintenance & Asset Management

Objectives: Support public transport operators and authorities in renewing and maintaining their bus fleet Introducing key concepts and principles of bus vehicle procurement, tenders, risk evaluation and financials Understand the key issues for design and construction of Bus depot Learn about Maintenance & Asset Management in Singapore from Authority and operator Perspective Get familiar with Monitoring of Bus Asset Management in Bus Contracts Gain knowledge on Bus Maintenance & Depot Management, and Spare parts and obsolescence management