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Collective passenger transport
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Besides public transport such as rail, metro, tram and bus networks, collective passenger transport also covers car-sharing, car-pooling and flexible mobility services such as train-taxi schemes and demand-responsive transport in areas of low demand.

Improvements to public transport services may address public transport vehicles and related infrastructure, as well as management techniques.

By Nadia Bert / Updated: 21 Dec 2016

6th Florence Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures

The de- and re-regulation of the different network industries is an ongoing process at national and global level. As this process unfolds, ever new phenomena emerge, which call for a constant reassessment of the content and objectives of regulation.

By News Editor / Updated: 17 Dec 2016

Vilnius considers purchasing new buses (Lithuania)


Vilnius City Council is discussing plans to buy over 100 new buses to update its public transport fleet.

Officials are reported to be preparing to publish an international tender for 100 two-axle and 50 three-axle low-floor buses.

If the purchase goes ahead, it would update 40 per cent of the municipality’s fleet.

'Upgrading public transport upgrade is one of the priority tasks,' said Remigijus Šimašius, the mayor of Vilnius.

The contract spans a period of 8 years, during which the winning contractor will have provide bus maintenance and repair.

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By News Editor / Updated: 15 Dec 2016

Free public transport as smog covers Warsaw (Poland)


The city of Warsaw has made public transport free in an effort to encourage people to leave their cars at home as the Polish capital battles record levels of smog.

Children, older people, asthmatics and people with heart problems were urged not to spend prolonged periods outside.

The Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Warsaw said that the problems are caused by a combination of low temperatures, more emissions caused by people heating their homes and very low wind speeds.

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Dec 2016

Webinar: COP22 and transport

COP22 aimed to be the ‘COP of action.’ On one hand, expectations for COP22 Marrakech were relatively low, after the groundbreaking global agreement emerging from COP21 Paris.  On the other hand, the need to translate the political consensus of COP21 into tangible steps toward implementation of the Paris Agreement has never been more urgent.

By News Editor / Updated: 26 Jun 2017

The Future of Transportation

The Future of Transportation is a study and conference on the subject of What Next. One of our core themes is ‘Getting Transport Off the Ground’, where we will examine how quickly personal airborne transportation systems will become viable mass transportation.

By News Editor / Updated: 09 Dec 2016

Smog forces Paris to make public transport free (France)


The city of Paris is reportedly facing its worst air pollution for a decade as officials made public transport free for the second day running to encourage people to not use their cars.

The Airparif agency measured the levels of pollution on Wednesday and said that the city was suffering the worst winter air quality for at least 10 years.

Authorities said that only drivers with odd-numbered registration plates could drive in the capital region on Wednesday.

By News Editor / Updated: 09 Dec 2016

Call for speakers for Future of Transportation conference


The Future of Transportation world conference, which is being held in Cologne (Germany) from 5-7 July 2017, has launched a call for speakers.

The goal of the conference is to bring together those devising better solutions for the increasingly demanding challenge of providing safe, efficient, sustainable transport for the world in 2030 and beyond.

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Nov 2016

Sustainable mobility, energy and innovation

PubAffairs Bruxelles is pleased to invite you to participate in an evening discussion about the challenges of sustainable mobility and the path towards a low-emission transport system in the EU.

Mr Nikolaus von Peter, member of the cabinet of Commissioner Violeta Bulc, will hold a keynote speech.

The first panel debate will concern urban and electric mobility with our distinguished speakers:

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Nov 2016

Maintenance and asset management

Maintenance has always been a significant cost driver, the “invisible” guarantee for reliability and quality of service. Assets deteriorate over time and if you do not maintain, you will deteriorate your service, loose quality, loose customers and in the end lose your assets.

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Nov 2016

Public transport and mega events

Cities are the theatre of a growing number of mega events: sport competitions, concerts, cultural festivals, religious pilgrimages and business conventions, to name just a few. Such events are catalysts for city improvement and public transport is an essential ingredient for their success.

While mega events represent an opportunity to showcase its strengths, they are also a test for public transport. Poor performance, delays or even accidents can affect not only the course of the event but also the image of public transport and of the city.