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Web based involvement tools: social media, web based forums


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By Admin Eltis / Posodobljeno: 12 Nov 2015

Definition – Social media comprises a set of tools such as blogs, forums, wikis, social networking sites and open source software. These can be used as a component of the SUMP participationinfo-icon process, helping communities to think about and debate mobilityinfo-icon problems and solutions.

A web-based forum is a dedicated web page associated with a project where stakeholders can view information and engage in online discussion with other stakeholders and where the project team can provide feedback.

Cross-media communication involves communicating with stakeholders using multiple media channels (e.g. internet, newspaper, TV, radio) while maintaining consistent content, design and editorial control of what is presented. This is a common practice for many public authorities.

Relevance to SUMP – The use of social media and web-based forums should be considered for all stages of stakeholderinfo-icon and citizeninfo-icon involvement within the planning process. These tools may provide a means for involving young people, often a hard-to-reach groupinfo-icon. Web-based forums can be used alongside other participation tools and techniques as a cost effective means of involving stakeholders and citizens (see for example Delphi surveys) and can provide a forum for participation processes to continue between face-to-face meetings and events.

Source: Planning Pool, 2014; GUIDEMAPS, 2004

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