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TIDE toolbox - applying innovative transport measures

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 30 Jul 2015

New mobility concepts are constantly being developed, adding to an established library of measures that cities can use to make transport in their territory more sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, these measures should be applied with an awareness of many factors and how they can work in the context of a particular city.

The TIDE project has produced a guidebook to 15 innovative transport measures, covering five themes. These include pricing strategies, non-motorised transport, traffic management for traveller information, electric mobility and organising public transport. The entry for each measure includes key information about its characteristics, benefits and how to best implement it, as well as examples of current good practice.

See below to download the document. For more information, visit tide-innovation.eu

Photo by William Murphy / CC BY-SA

Innovation Toolbox

July 2013
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