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ECOMM 2017

By News Editor / Updated: 15 Nov 2016

European Conference on Mobility Management

Wednesday 31 May 2017 at 08:00
Friday 02 June 2017 at 18:00
Maastricht, Netherlands
Language: English
Past event

The main theme of ECOMM 2017 is ‘Teaming-up for liveable cities’. With this theme the ECOMM 2017 conference wants to explore how a continuous improvement in the quality of life and health in cities can be realised. By working together (public-private and cross-border), combating climate change, creating integral solutions and customising mobility services.

A large majority of European citizens live in an urban environment, with over 60 per cent living in urban areas of over 10 000 inhabitants. They live their daily lives in the same space, and for their mobility share the same infrastructure.

Urban mobility accounts for 40 per cent of all CO2 emissions of road transport and up to 70 per cent of other pollutants from transport. European cities increasingly face problems caused by transport and traffic. The question of how to enhance mobility while at the same time reducing congestion, accidents and pollution is a challenge to all major cities in Europe.

With a focus on sharing knowledge and encouraging further cooperation in order to jointly address the various mobility challenges, the organisation of ECOMM 2017 has selected five crosscutting subjects: CO2 neutral transport, public-private partnership, integral solutions serving multiple goals, cross-border cooperation and user perspectives.

In addition to the selected topics for the focus sessions, these 5 subjects will have an important place in the conference programme.

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