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Online manual of EU environmental policy

This online manual allows decision makers and researchers to easily search and cross reference the extensive body of environmental policy. Subscription is required.


For more information, visit the European Environmental Policy website.


EU Transport Research Knowledge Centre

The TRKC offers probably the most complete listing of EU-funded transport research projects - not all are here, but this is the biggest available database with links to project websites (where these are still live) and deliverables. 


For more information, visit the TRIP website.

Trolleybus wiki

European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre

A European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre has been established as part of the TROLLEY project. The online centre serves as an information hub providing contact details for European trolleybus experts and a library of relevant links and documents for those who wish to learn more about trolleybus systems. 


For more information, visit the Trolley Motion website.

International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) online database

ITRD is a  free-to-use multi-lingual database containing over 400,000 items on transport and transportation research, designed to meet the needs of engineers, consultants, and researchers worldwide. A thesaurus of transport terminology can also be downloaded from the website in English, French, German or Spanish.


For more information, visit the ITRD website.

Integrated transport database TRID

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) have launched a new integrated transport database that combines the records from TRB’s Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) database and the OECD’s Joint Research Centre’s International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) database.


The TRID provides access to over 900,00 records of worldwide transportation research – an excellent tool for planners, policy makers and academics alike!


To view the database, visit the TRID website.

COMMERCE - Workplace travel plan resources

A number of resources to assist practitioners in developing workplace travel plans have been made available from the COMMERCE project.


For more information, visit the allinx website (registration required).

European Road Safety Observatory

The European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) provides a wealth of tools and resources on road safety. 


For more information, visit the ERSO website.

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Collection of evidence of the benefits of walking and cycling

Bristol City Council has collected key evidence from peer-reviewed literature on the benefits of walking and cycling. Seventy-eight articles from various sources are presented on its website which acts as a one-stop-shop for practitioners looking for evidence to strengthen the case for current policies and practice regarding active travel.


For more information, visit the Bristol City Council website.

Transport and health issues

This book presents the health benefits of adopting sustainable transport modes with details of research in this topic area and examples of its application in numerous settings.


Download the book below (opens pdf).

Transport and Health Issues - the complete book

Road Safety Knowledge Centre

The Road Safety Knowledge Centre is a web-based library of road safety related information and expertise, primarily from UK-based road safety organisations. Information within the Knowledge Centre is available free of charge to anyone who registers. The centre is also linked to good sources of international road safety good practice and knowledge.


For more information, visit the Road Safety Knowledge Centre website.

Tools to assist reducing work related travel

Act Travelwise has made its first set of industry guides on alternatives to travelling for work, free to download. These offer useful information on remote and home working and tools to enhance its effectiveness. A second set of guides to promote reduced work related travel, are available for members to download from their website.


For more information, visit the Act Travelwise website. To download one of the guides, see below (opens pdf).

Effective conference calls
Get the most from your smartphone
Video conferencing
Home remote working

Games, arts & crafts related to sustainable mobility to play with children

Get creative and inspire a new generation of sustainable travellers with a host of games, arts and crafts produced by the Bambini project for use in schools, kindergartens or at home.


For more information, visit the Bambini website.


Aspects of Active Travel

This book presents good practise implementations, approaches or research findings on how to encourage people to walk and cycle in urban areas.


Download the book below (opens pdf).

Aspects of Active Travel - Whole book
EPOMM book

Mobility Management: The smart way to sustainable mobility in European countries, regions and cities

Produced by the European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM), this book provides:

  • an overview over Mobility Management development in Europe,
  • an overview over MM developments in each of the 11 EPOMM countries,
  • good practice examples from each of these countries.


For more information, see the Mobility Management book (opens pdf).

All Ways Travelling

Achieving the aims of the EC's 2011 White Paper on Transport to develop a single European Transport Area can be supported by MultiModal Information and Ticketing Systems (MMITS). 'All Ways Travelling: To develop and validate a European passenger transport information and booking system across transport modes' is the final report from the All Ways Travelling consortium.


It offers recommendations to the European Commission but can also inform local, regional and national transport operators and policy-makers of the background, challenges and opportunities of developing multi-modal planning and ticketing systems.


For more information, download the All Ways Travelling final report (PDF, 8MB).

2014 European Rail Market Report

The 2014 European Rail Market Report describes the development of Europe’s rail market using data and questionnaires collected from Member States and Eurostat. It includes the evolution of the internal market of service facilities, and framework conditions such as investments in infrastructure, price developments, service quality, public service obligations and the development of employment and related social conditions.


Publically available information such as railway fares, annual financial support and data provided by specific stakeholders has also been referred to in the report. The report is available in all EU languages.


For more information, visit

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HEAT for Walking and Cycling
The Health Economic Assessment Tool, or HEAT, can be used when planning new infrastructure for cyc...
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