Eltis Spotlight

Read about the highlights and conclusions, download the presentations and view the photographs from this year's European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

And don't forget to join the debate on the Bremen Declaration - happening in the Eltis Forum right now!

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04 May 2016 - Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
03 May 2016 - Traffic and demand management
02 May 2016 - Walking and cycling
28 Apr 2016 - Urban mobility planning
26 Apr 2016 - Public and stakeholder involvement
25 Apr 2016 - Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

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27 May 2016
The European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Smart Cities and...
Genoa, Italy
14 Jun 2016
Urban areas across Europe are suffering negative impacts like poor air...
Göteborg, Sweden
25 Oct 2016 to 26 Oct 2016
NATRANS Expo, supported by the Federal Transport Authority - Land and...
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Monitoring and evaluation
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Monitoring and evaluation
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