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HANDSHAKE, a new CIVITAS project, will support the take-up and transfer of successful cycling measures developed by three world-class cycling cities - Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and Munich (Germany) - to ten other cities across the EU.

This month features case studies on the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the City of Koprivnica and Micro depots in Frankfurt – a new approach to urban freight deliveries that tackles congestion and pollution issues.

18 Oct 2018 - Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
17 Oct 2018 - Traffic and demand management
15 Oct 2018 - Urban mobility planning, Public and stakeholder involvement, Walking and cycling, Collective passenger transport, Mobility management
12 Oct 2018 - Urban mobility planning
10 Oct 2018 - Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
08 Oct 2018 - Monitoring and evaluation

24 Oct 2018
On 24 October, Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network (MAVEN) is...
London, United Kingdom
25 Oct 2018 to 26 Oct 2018
The study visit is organised in partnership with Bruxelles Mobilité,...
Brussels Region, Belgium
29 Oct 2018 to 30 Oct 2018
The time is ripe for a revolution in transportation, for a world free of...
Tel Aviv, Israel

Urban mobility planning
This report provides a summary of the process adopted for the development...
Urban mobility planning
This document is based on the methodology followed by the REFORM project...
Urban mobility planning
Developed under the Interreg REFORM project, the aim of this document is...