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The conference - taking place in Dubrovnik (Croatia) from 29-30 March 2017 - is the principal annual event for European practitioners, policy makers, city staff and academics to debate key issues, highlight developments in mobility planning and exchange ideas and experience.

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21 Feb 2017 - Urban mobility planning
20 Feb 2017 - Walking and cycling, Mobility management
17 Feb 2017 - Collective passenger transport
15 Feb 2017 - Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
13 Feb 2017 - Public and stakeholder involvement

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23 Feb 2017
23 February, 14B Rue de La Science, Brussels The EVIDENCE project is a...
Brussels, Belgium
06 Mar 2017 to 08 Mar 2017
Cities are the theatre of a growing number of mega events: sport...
Lyon, France
07 Mar 2017
After three years of intensive collaboration among four European...
Utrecht, Netherlands

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Collective passenger transport
Buses are the backbone of many European public transport systems and an...
Scheme appraisal
The EVIDENCE project has reviewed a range of material exploring the...
Walking and cycling
Important barriers for people to go cycling is their concern around the...