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EC outlines role of transport to meet 2030 energy-efficiency goal

A new Communication released by the European Commission has proposed a revised energy-efficiency target of 30 per cent by 2030. The Communication, which outlines energy efficiency's contribution to energy security and the 2030 framework, details the roles of various sectors in reaching this target, including the changes required to the transport sector.
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Engaging citizens in Bristol on visions of a low-carbon future (UK)

Citizen engagement plays a critical role in Bristol’s ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Future Bristol, a digital project conducted in partnership with a local university following four years of research, demonstrates this – engaging the public in what it means for Bristol to be a low-carbon city and giving them a say in shaping the city’s sustainable future. The Future Bristol website does this by presenting two sustainable futures for Bristol and allowing citizens to vote on which measures to pursue. The website is today the basis for a number of other activities aimed at engaging different groups of citizens across the city.
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Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

With the help of cargo-tricycles, disadvantaged individuals (with financial difficulties, from large families, unemployed) get ecological jobs: to collect waste paper from small companies in Bucharest. RECICLETA is the first almost carbon neutral initiative in Romania.
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