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The importance of transport’s social dimension is becoming increasingly clear - mobility shapes lives and prospects. It is crucial that transport systems are environmentally friendly, inclusive, efficient, and centred on meeting diverse user needs. Yet how can this be accomplished?

Two weeks remaining to apply for the 2018 SUMP Award on multimodality! The call for applications is open until 1 October 2018.

First introduced by the European Commission in 2012, the award helps showcase successful SUMP implementation and honours cities that are demonstrating excellence and raising the profile of SUMPs across Europe. 

The September newsletter highlights the forthcoming CIVITAS Forum, taking place in Umeå, Sweden from 19-21 September. Recent news stories feature innovative new parking charges trialling in London, city pedestrianisation in Spain and the latest policies currently under discussion in the Netherlands.

18 Sep 2018 - Urban mobility planning, Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
13 Sep 2018 - Collective passenger transport
12 Sep 2018 - Walking and cycling, Traffic and demand management

16 Sep 2018 to 22 Sep 2018
EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is DG MOVE's flagship annual campaign, taking...
, Europe-wide
17 Sep 2018 to 21 Sep 2018
ERTICO ITS Europe organises either an ITS World Congress or an ITS...
Copenhagen, Denmark
19 Sep 2018 to 21 Sep 2018
The International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment has...
Seville, Spain

Urban mobility planning
This report provides a summary of the process adopted for the development...
Urban mobility planning
This document is based on the methodology followed by the REFORM project...
Urban mobility planning
Developed under the Interreg REFORM project, the aim of this document is...