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Demand management


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Definition – Transportation Demand Managementinfo-icon (TDM), also called Travel or Traffic Demand Management, aims to reduce the need to travel by discouraging unnecessary private vehicle use and by promoting more effective, healthy and environmentally-friendly modes of transport (generally public transport and non-motorised transport). A TDM strategyinfo-icon typically involves a package of complementary measures that fall within two categories: “push” measures that make private vehicle use less attractive; and “pull” measures that make other modes of transport more attractive.

Relevance to SUMP – Many cities face the problem of congestion meaning the objectives of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) are likely to correspond with the objectives of their SUMP. In these cases, creating measureinfo-icon packages that include both “push” and “pull” effects provides a useful framework for measure selection.

Source: GTZ, 2009; www.plan4sustainabletravel.org

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