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  • Munich public street
    30 Jun 2017 / Urban mobility planning, Walking and cycling, Transport for people with reduced mobility

    To improve mobility around the city centre, Munich's public transport provider (MVG) has announced the development of a new electric tricycle.

    The vehicle is being created primarily with...

  • 29 Jun 2017 / Urban mobility planning, Public and stakeholder involvement

    Lorca, Spain, has put together its first sustainable urban mobility plan. What sets it apart is the extent to which citizens were involved in its conception.

    Devised jointly with local...

  • Urban Access Regulations Signs - London
    28 Jun 2017 / Urban mobility planning, Quality, audits and benchmarking, Traffic and demand management

    Many cities and towns struggle with balancing congestion, ‘liveability’, air and noise pollution, accessibility, and other pressures of urban life. The levels of pollution now prevalent in many...

  • GPS Usage - Terrassa Sign
    27 Jun 2017 / Mobility management, Traffic and demand management

    The use of electronic devices while driving is banned by Spanish traffic regulations. However, some drivers continue to look up routes on their phones or satellite navigation systems whilst...

  • Electric Car Charging Point
    23 Jun 2017 / Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

    In the latest of a series of initiatives designed to raise electric vehicle (EV) use and ownership, a series  charging stations are being connected throughout the country.   

    In addition...

  • European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017 winners
    22 Jun 2017 / Public and stakeholder involvement

    Earlier this week, the 12 winners of the Challenge were revealed in Strasbourg. They were selected from over 110 applications submitted from across Europe.

    The 12 entries posited solutions...

  • Aarhus - electric car charging space
    22 Jun 2017 / Public and stakeholder involvement

    The municipal Housing Office in Aarhus has joined forces with car sharing company Tadaa! to offer rental electric cars to its tenants.

    The scheme started in Autumn 2016, with 10 vehicles...

  • Lone bike in Paris
    21 Jun 2017 / Walking and cycling

    On June 17,  hundreds of people in France paid tribute to cyclists who have been victims of road traffic accidents.

    The demonstrations, which took place in several cities around the...

  • EU Cycling Strategy Cover
    20 Jun 2017 / Policy and research

    At the Velo-city 2017 conference, the European Commissioner...

  • On the move for safer surface transport in Europe cover
    19 Jun 2017 / Policy and research

    Much progress has been made in transport safety since the early 2000s: the amount of people suffering serious injuries or dying as the result of accidents has fallen by 54%. Yet this should not...