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  • Shandon Pedestrian Bridge - Cork
    12 Jul 2017 / Urban mobility planning, Walking and cycling

    Designs for Cork's first new pedestrian and cycling bridge in a decade have been unveiled. The bridge would span the north channel of the River Lee, which flows through the city.

    It is...

  • Dutch Cyclepath
    11 Jul 2017 / Walking and cycling

    Wood you believe it! In Emmen, cyclists are now able to ride along the world's first wooden bike path.

    Although only 60 metres long, it is made out of a new material that is intended to...

  • 07 Jul 2017 / Walking and cycling

    New anti-lock braking technology for use in e-bikes has been revealed by German company Bosch.

    The system stops the front wheel from locking: sensors attached to the brakes inform the...

  • 06 Jul 2017 / Walking and cycling

    In the Scottish city of Aberdeen, a substantial new government investment is seeking to embed cycling in the local community.

    More than £650,000 is going to be invested in the “Bridge of...

  • Volos Greece
    05 Jul 2017 / Walking and cycling

    In the Greek city of Volos, a modern cycle path network is set to be built. The new routes will see the city connected with Nea Ionia, another city in the coastal Magnesia region. It will also...

  • Cyclists waiting at the red light
    03 Jul 2017 / Walking and cycling, Traffic and demand management

    As a cyclist, travelling through a city centre can become laborious. Constant stopping at red lights kills any momentum built up whilst riding. Yet a new Dutch traffic light system may offer a...

  • Munich public street
    30 Jun 2017 / Urban mobility planning, Walking and cycling, Transport for people with reduced mobility

    To improve mobility around the city centre, Munich's public transport provider (MVG) has announced the development of a new electric tricycle.

    The vehicle is being created primarily with...

  • 29 Jun 2017 / Urban mobility planning, Public and stakeholder involvement

    Lorca, Spain, has put together its first sustainable urban mobility plan. What sets it apart is the extent to which citizens were involved in its conception.

    Devised jointly with local...

  • Urban Access Regulations Signs - London
    28 Jun 2017 / Urban mobility planning, Quality, audits and benchmarking, Traffic and demand management

    Many cities and towns struggle with balancing congestion, ‘liveability’, air and noise pollution, accessibility, and other pressures of urban life. The levels of pollution now prevalent in many...

  • GPS Usage - Terrassa Sign
    27 Jun 2017 / Mobility management, Traffic and demand management

    The use of electronic devices while driving is banned by Spanish traffic regulations. However, some drivers continue to look up routes on their phones or satellite navigation systems whilst...