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Warsaw opens office for mobility and transport policy (Poland)

By News Editor / Updated: 24 Mar 2017

The city of Warsaw last month opened the Policy Office for Mobility and Transport, which replaces the capital’s Office of Roads and Transport.

The move is part of the city’s wider organisational changes related to transport and traffic.

One of the first tasks of the unit will be to develop a program to improve safety, especially in terms of reducing the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians

In addition to installing speed humps on the city’s roads, Warsaw’s public transport authority, ZTM, is auditing pedestrian crossings, and is planning to improve the lighting of about 250 crossings.

The new office will be composed of three divisions: security and traffic management, mobility and transport strategy, as well as road infrastructure and organisation. 

The first will be responsible for road safety policy and transport programs, and security audits, validation of traffic as well as control of the roadway. 

The mobility and transport strategy will deal with, among others, Warsaw implementation of mobility policy and transport strategy, standards for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, strategic co-operation with the Office of Architecture and Planning, as well as the preparation and analysis of the communications service and the concept of transport solutions.

For more information, visit transport-publiczny.pl (in Polish).

Image copyright: ZTM Warszawa

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