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Vilnius introduces USB-charging onboard public buses (Lithuania)

By News Editor / Updated: 09 May 2017

Passengers riding on route 10 through the Lithuanian capital can now enjoy on-the-go USB charging for their mobile devices. The city of Vilnius plans to include USB charging ports in other city buses in the near future.

"People are happy to use public transport when it's as comfortable as using a private car," said the initiator of the project, Povilas Poderskis. "They want the same speed, the same order and cleanliness. During one morning ride, we thought - why can you still not charge your phone while riding a bus? It's a small thing, but it makes the ride more comfortable and enjoyable".

Each of the four sockets on board have two USB ports, allowing eight passengers to charge devices simultaneously.

Poderskis, the advisor for technology to the Mayor of Vilnius, plans to roll out the feature to other lines soon. "We are of course doing it in a planned and measurable fashion," he added. "We will monitor whether passengers use them and whether there is demand to install the USB charging sockets on other routes as well".

USB charging ports on public transport are becoming more prevalent, but are still far from standard. Vilnius joins cities such as Singapore, New York, London and Tokyo that have begun installing charging interfaces on buses and at public transport stops.

For more information, visit madeinvilnius.lt (in Lithuanian)

Image copyright: Connexion 48/52 (image on Flickr) by Gauthier DELECROIX - 郭天 under CC BY 2.0

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