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Video: Using parking revenue to finance sustainabile mobility

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 24 Jan 2017

The PUSH&PULL project has now translated and published its video clip on the Core Funding Mechanism into 17 languages.

PUSH&PULL project co-ordinator Robert Pressl said: ‘The video clip should explain the approach to decision-makers and politicians. A transfer of parking revenues to finance sustainable mobility is the main idea of the project.'

The PUSH&PULL project aims to improve urban mobility in European cities by means of parking space management combined with mobility management measures.

The income generated from parking space management can be used to promote alternatives, thus ‘pulling’ or attracting users towards public transport, walking, cycling and other sustainable modes.

For more information on the project and to download the clips, visit push-pull-parking.eu.

To see the English version of the video, visit the Eltis Video section.

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