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Shared space successful in Duisburg (Germany)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 12 Feb 2016

Over the last 3.5 years, the city of Duisburg has converted squares and alleys to shared space areas. The city has concluded that the concept works and plans to establish additional shared space zones.

In 2007, all street signs were removed from the central square König-Heinrich-Platz except indications of the traffic-reduced area. Although politicians and planning professionals were initially sceptical, five further crossings and big streets followed including a six lane wide avenue which was turned into a shared two lane street.

Traffic works through communication between road users, a speed as slow as walking speed and the principle of mutual respect and consideration. All road users have the same rights. The city of Duisburg now concludes that these principles had to be learned first but communication does now work. There are now plans to establish additional shared space areas.

More information: http://www.duisburg.de (in German)

Photo: (c) Uwe Köppen, Referat für Kommunikation der Stadt Duisburg

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