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Santander to boost size of bicycle network (Spain)

By News Editor / Updated: 13 Mar 2017

The city of Santander on the north coast of Spain is to expand its cycling infrastructure to make cycling a more viable sustainable transport option for residents.

The plans, announced by the mayor and councillor for sustainable mobility, will see a four-fold increase in the current network of bicycle lanes.

Additional facilities include covered and safe bicycle parking places in strategic locations of the city and small car parks.

These will be closed structures with video surveillance that are accessible only by a smart card.

According to the city council, Santander will have 104 kilometres of bicycle lanes by 2027

There will also be 44 kilometres of what the city council calls a ‘secondary’ network, which will link the main routes and other towns of the municipality like Cueto and Monte.

The mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, said the plan was ambitious because it aims to get the bike to be used in Santander ‘as a means of real transport and not only as a recreational or leisure element.’

The intention is to draft construction plans for the first three routes alreadt this year. The mayor thinks that they could be approved in the summer.

For more information, visit eldiariomontanes.es (in Spanish).

Image copyright: Santandar Spain Elevator & Escalators (image on Flickr) by "Andrew Nash", licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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