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Rome to ban buses from entering historic centre (Italy)

By News Editor / Updated: 08 Dec 2016

The city of Rome is planning to ban buses and coaches from its city centre to cut traffic congestion and improve air quality.

Linda Meleo, Rome’s councillor for transport, made the proposals at a recent city transport committee meeting.

Under the plans, from January 2018 buses and coaches will be charged higher fees to enter the city and will not be allowed at all to enter the centre - a move that will effectively stop tourist buses from operating in the Rome's historic area. 

Rome is currently divided into two zones – A and B. Buses entering and operating in the zone A zone will be subject to a €50 daily fee, up from the current price of €42.

Daily permits for buses and coaches in zone B are currently €150. From January 2018, permits for this zone will be between €600-780, depending on the emissions of the vehicle.

Electric buses will not be subject to the rise in prices, and will be able to enter the zone for half-price.

The new proposals would also add a third zone – zone C – that comprises the city’s historic centre. From January 2018, buses will not be allowed into zone C. School buses and vehicles needed by people with disabilities, however, will not be subject to the ban.

For more information, visit thelocal.it.

Image copyright: View from a tourist bus, Rome (image on Flickr) by "Dan Nguyen", licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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