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Pau (France) to introduce fuel cell tram-buses in 2019

By News Editor / Updated: 11 Oct 2017

Eight ExquiCity tram-buses will be delivered to the transport operator in Pau during the second half of 2019. These clean energy hybrid tram-buses are the first of their kind in France.

Powered by hydrogen fuel cells, their only emission is water vapour. Lithium batteries will provide additional power when needed. The tram-buses are over 18 metres long, can carry 125 passengers and have a range of over 300 kilometres. Refuelling the hydrogen fuel cells takes only 10 minutes.

In addition to environmental benefits, the hybrid fuel cell tram-buses offer high passenger comfort and safety, and cost less than a traditional tram.

“We are excited to see continued market expansion of fuel cell-powered mass transit vehicles in Europe, as typified by this tram-bus project. This is a further sign of the growing importance of zero-emission fuel cell solutions globally,” said Rob Campbell, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer.

The deployment is funded by Europe's Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking programme, partially within the project 3Emotion.

For more information, visit intelligenttransport.com or the 3Emotion project website.

Photo credit: 3Emotion project

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