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Oxfordshire delivering cleaner air through launch of Hydrogen Hub

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 04 Apr 2018


In order to meet Oxford's ambitious plan to introduce the UK’s first zero emission zone in 2020, all efforts need to be taken to come up to the objective.

Therefore, the Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub launched on of March 2018 at Said Business School in Oxford. The Hub aims to push the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to contribute to the decarbonisation of UK energy. 

Oxfordshire County Council’s director for planning and place, Susan Halliwell, announced that “Oxfordshire County Council are committed to a supporting the development of a low carbon future across the county. Hydrogen technologies have a key role to play in realising this future, providing a pathway to cost effective clean energy. We are pleased to be partnering with the Hydrogen Hub to launch the Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub and look forward to working together to drive investment in this important technology.”

Hydrogen Hub’s Chairman, Kevin Fothergill, states, "We are really excited about the launch of the Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub and we look forward to working with Oxfordshire local authorities, the government and local businesses to help them achieve an innovative and ambitious plan to improve local air quality and decarbonise energy for the benefit of the local environment and economy.”

The Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub is an initiative of more than 100 stakeholders including the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. It aims to develop projects that meet the needs of the community using hydrogen and fuel cell technology at its core. In this sense, local businesses and stakeholders could learn during the launch event about the different technologies at stake and how these can be of use in different scenarios.

Other Hydrogen Hubs are set up as well with the first launched in Swindon in January 2016 and already carries an investment volume of more than £ 1.5 million.

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Story first published by Oxfordshire Guardian on 27th of March 2018.

Link to Hydrogen Hub: https://www.hydrogenhub.org/

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