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New line C brings Bergamo into the future of urban mobility

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 14 Mar 2018


A new fully electric bus route known as 'Line C' became operational in Bergamo during February. The inauguration of the new line represents a decisive step forward towards the future of urban mobility, positioning Bergamo at the forefront of urban transport solutions in Italy. This represents an innovative service in many respects, thanks also to the 16 new smart shelters positioned along the route, which are equipped with smart devices and connectivity services using the latest technology.  While waiting for their bus or tram, users can entertain themselves in the smart shelters, which are equipped with Wi-Fi and interactive maps with information on the services.

Mayor Giorgio Gori highlighted the great benefits of the new transport line, such as the improvement of the public transport offering, the reduction of private traffic thanks to a new competitive transport service and the reduction of the emission of air pollutants.  Twelve new vehicles are now operating, with a daily distance of about 180 km and a maximum capacity of 77 people. Line C operates from Monday to Friday, between 6.00 am to 7.00 pm with a service every 15 minutes, and then until 8.30 pm with a service every 20 minutes. On Saturdays, the frequency is every 15 minutes until 2.00 pm after which services run at a frequency of every 20 minutes until 8.30 pm.

The Municipality of Bergamo has set a target of providing 100% of its public transport services using vehicles with low or zero environmental impact by 2025.

Source: Story first published in March on InfoSostenibile.it

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