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New intermodal terminal set for eastern Romanian city

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 20 Oct 2014

A city in one of the poorest counties in eastern Romania is preparing to open a new bus terminal as a five-year project to improve intermodality nears completion. 

Set to dramatically transform the facilities for locals in Vaslui, the new bus terminal – constructed next to the main train station – includes a modern, spacious waiting area with a dispatcher announcing when and from where buses will depart.

The project is one of five that make up Vaslui's Integrated Urban Development Plan, which also includes the extension of the trolleybus network.

Meanwhile, Vaslui's larger neighbour, Iaşi, is continuing to invest in its transport infrastructure. Planning for a similar intermodal bus terminal near the main train station is underway, with the city applying for EU funding to develop the new terminal.

Iaşi is also looking at upgrading tram lines and improving bus links between the train station, Iaşi International Airport and outlying areas of the city.

For more information, visit vasluion.ro (in Romanian).

Photo: ziaruldeiasi.ro

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