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Lyon to cut pollution by removing motorway (France)

By News Editor / Updated: 09 Jan 2017

The city of Lyon is to turn a section of a motorway that cuts through its centre into a pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly boulevard to encourage sustainable mobility and cut pollution.

Lyon recently received state approval to decommission the A6-A7 motorway that runs through the centre and will begin a number of developments to help it reduce congestion in the city.

The new boulevard will be equipped with traffic lights and limit vehicle speeds to 50 km/h.

Heavy duty trucks will be banned from driving through the boulevard, which will be lined with trees and include cycling paths and pedestrian ways.

The mayor of Lyon, Gérard Collomb, welcomed the decommissioning and called it an 'historic step'.

Some 115 000 vehicles travel through the city each day on the motorway, producing 22 per cent of the emissions of fine particles. Around 16 000 are only passing through to get to other parts of France.

Collomb added: 'As a result, the decommissioning will allow 16 000 vehicles to no longer pass through the heart of the city.'

For more information, visit franceinter.fr (in France).

lyon (image on Flickr) by "ironpoison", licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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