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London trials traffic light priority for cyclists (UK)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 23 Jun 2015

Transport for London (TfL) has announced it is trialling a system that will extend green lights for cyclists at key junctions.

The trials are taking place along Cable Street in the east of the city centre. The numbers of cyclists travelling along the route are counted, and when high numbers of cyclists are detected traffic signal timings are adjusted to keep the green light on for longer. The system will particularly benefit cyclists at at peak times.

Two types of technology are being tested, one using radar and another using heat detection. These will be assessed to see which is the most effective method of detecting cyclists in advance of a possible roll-out of the technology across the city.

London mayor Boris Johnson said: 'Once again London leads the way as we host world-first trials of technology that has the potential to bring significant benefits to cyclists. This is another great example of how TfL can harness the power of innovation to help make it easier for everyone to get around our city.'

For more information, visit tfl.gov.uk

Image copyright: Cyclist Light (photo on Flickr) by "Tony Webster", licensed under CC BY 2.0

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