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Livingston County in Scotland kicks-off transportation planning website

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 12 Jun 2018


Online information portals on travel options are becoming more and more popular. Livingston County in Scotland has now started the rural version of its new mobility management website targeted at individuals as well as services that are planning trips or giving advice on behalf of others.

The website allows users to find information on trips from any starting point to any destination and works mainly for the County's residents. By telling the website more information such as on time preferences and trip purpose, as well as preferred transportation modes, users will receive a set of alternatives for their trip. Results will give information on the transport providers, such as for public transport, paratransit or taxi.

A special emphasis is put on providing information and guidance to persons with mobility chellenges, such older persons, persons with disabilities or persons with low incomes, who are in need of specialised transportation services.

In addition to its pure informational purpose, the website’s objective is to raise awareness of alternatives in transportation amongst Livingston County residents.

The underlying database, which is the source of the information service of the mobility management website, allows regular updates in order to enable the information to be kept up to date and to add any new service that enters the market.

The website can be visited here.

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Story first published by “Livingston County News” on 4th of June 2018.

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