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Liverpool to transform derelict flyover into innovative green space (United Kingdom)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A campaign in Liverpool has raised enough money to progress with plans to change a disused flyover into a green urban space for local residents that will include a pedestrian and cycle path.
More than £ 40 000 (€4 9 000) has been raised through a crowd-funding drive, which will help campaigners with their goal to install cafes, markets, shops, spaces for relaxation and community gardening projects along the length of the disused flyover. The move has received a great amount of support from residents as well as from Liverpool City Council.

The pedestrian and cycle path will connect areas in the north of Liverpool with the city centre. It will also help to link various cultural sites in Liverpool's heritage quarter. The campaign's central argument is that the cost of demolishing the flyover is far higher than refurbishing it for communities nearby.

'We are delighted that so many people have supported this idea and that we're now in a position to move forward with the next stage of the flyover,' said Kate Stewart, co-founder of the campaign. We're also grateful for the support of the council and the many local and national businesses that have become involved financially and by giving time and expertise.'

For more information, visit Cities-Today.com.

Photo: Friends of the Flyover
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