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Lisbon announces new public transport plans (Portugal)

By News Editor / Updated: 12 May 2017

Lisbon's municipal transport company, Carris, has revealed a raft of improvements to the city's public transport network that it is seeking to implement over 2017-19. These are based on a list of 12 key strategic priorities.  

An important element of the proposed measures is the creation of two new lines on the city's electric tram network. These would run between between Entrecampos and Alta de Lisboa and Santa Apolónia and Gare do Oriente. Two viability studies will be carried out to ascertain the viability of these routes.

This forms part of efforts to extend the network to East and Upper Lisbon. These are in turn part of plans to create a neighborhood network within the city, which would consist of 21 lines covering all of its parishes.

Other proposed measures include:

  • Installing Wi-Fi throughout the bus network;

  • Initiating park and ride and bike and ride projects;

  • Introducing bus corridors;

  • Increasing the amount of electric vehicles in use in the public transport system.

Total investment over the three years will amount to approximately 80 million euros.

To find out more, visit nit.pt.  

Image copyright: Lisbon (on Flickr) by Andrea Moroni under  CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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