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Intelligent pedestrian crossings in Gdansk (Poland)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 23 Sep 2014
At the end of October 2012 the Board of Road and Greenery of Gdansk in northern Poland launched a number of intelligent talking pedestrian crossings and one with time counters in the Zaspa and Przymorze districts.
The talking devices are installed at tram crossings and warn pedestrians, via a voice message, of approaching trams. The principle is simple – the induction loops installed in the tracks detect trams in motion and pass on this information. Further talking crossings near tram tracks are to be installed in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the first traffic lights with time counters for pedestrians have begun to work in the Zaspa district of Gdansk. The counters show the waiting time for the green light to appear. In this way, a person wanting to cross a road is encouraged to wait patiently for the light instead of running and taking the risk of being hit. Similar solutions are used in some European countries, and, according to studies, they have significantly decreased the number of accidents involving pedestrians.

According to the authorities of Gdansk, the pedestrian crossings with time counters are an experiment. If it proves successful, they will be used in Gdansk on a larger scale. There are already several tram traffic lights with time counters for the tram operating in Gdansk. With this solution the tram operator is able to close the door at the right time and move the vehicle immediately, which improves the capacity of a junction and the traffic flow.

Source: Gdansk (in Polish)
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