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Geneva reduces ticket prices to combat pollution (Switzerland)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 23 Jul 2015

Geneva will begin to offer temporary reductions on tickets to encourage  use of the city's public transport network and reduce air pollution.

This was spurred after higher than normal levels of ozone were detected last month in the city's suburbs and in the city centre, as well as across the wider Romande region.

'Without wanting to trigger panic, this pollutant represents a real risk to children, the elderly and those suffering from respiratory problems,' said Luc Barthassat, a cantonal official in Geneva.

The reductions will not apply to those already holding a subscription on Geneva's public transport. This is because the city is hoping to encourage people who do not use public transport habitually to drive less often.

The measure is expected to cost 33 000 Swiss francs (€ 31 000) per day. Depending on its impact on air pollution, the measure may be extended.

For more information, visit tdg.ch (in French).

Image copyright: Trams de Genève (Suisse) (photo on Flickr) by "Alain GAVILLET", licensed under CC BY 2.0

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