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Fourth and final call to CIVITAS Activity Fund opens on 1 October

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Sep 2015
Photographer/Copyright:  Harry Schiffer
On 1 October 2015 CIVITAS will open its fourth and final call to co-fund take-up activities in the field of sustainable urban mobility.
The call will offer a total of €80.000 in co-funding to support the take-up of sustainable urban mobility measures.

The call covers all CIVITAS Thematic Categories, as well as a series of proven CIVITAS Tools. Furthermore, cities with CIVITAS demonstration experience are invited to join the long-term evaluation programme.

CIVITAS is seeking proposals for the following take-up levels:

  1. ‘Being inspired’: study tours, workshops or similar activities at the initial take-up phase;
  2. ‘Structural dialogue’: concrete staff exchange between take-up and donor cities;
  3. ‘Studies’: evaluation (long-term; impact and process), feasibility studies, etc.;
  4. ‘Systematic transfer’: feasibility studies leading towards pilot demonstration and implementation.

Between three and five take-up activities per take-up level are expected to receive up to 50 per cent co-funding between €1 000 and €10 000.

The call will be open for five weeks with a deadline for applications of 7 November 2015. Following an evaluation by the CIVITAS CAPITAL Management Committee and final approval by the European Commission, the co-funded take-up activities are expected to start by the beginning of 2016.

Applications may be submitted individually or jointly by organisations that have not been/are not involved in projects already funded by the CIVITAS Initiative. Organisations applying for funding need to be established in an EU Member State or Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland or Turkey.

More information and call documents will soon be available on the Activity Fund page. For any current queries, please contact icre@polisnetwork.eu

Photographer/Copyright: Harry Schiffer

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