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Florence to receive national funding for sustainable mobility (Italy)

By News Editor / Updated: 27 Jan 2017

The city of Florence will receive almost € 2 million from a national programme to support and enhance sustainable mobility. 

The city council is participating in GREENINFINITY, a national programme created by Italy’s Environment Ministry.

The aim of GREENINFINITY is to encourage alternative urban mobility choices to the private car, and to reduce traffic congestion, pollution and the parking of vehicles near schools and workplaces. 

In its proposal to the Environment Ministry, the municipality set out plans to introduce a series of economic incentives for good mobility behaviour. This includes cycling to work or school, carpooling, and promoting a transition from motorised vehicles to bicycles.

'The goal is favoring home-school and home-work trips with sustainable modes of transport, in line with national and European targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transport sector pollutants,' said Alessia Bettini from the municipality of Florence.

Florence also hopes to use the funds – which total € 1.88 million - to develop an integrated platform for sharing urban mobility data among users and administrators.

'This will allow interaction between citizens and municipal administration, creating a real community of users who can send alerts and notifications with a smartphone app that will be downloadable from stores - and also be used by the city,' added Ms Bettini.

For more information, visit press.comune.fi.it (in Italian).

Image copyright: Florentine bikes (image on Flickr) by Alex Berger, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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