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Flanders to invest over €1 bn on public transport & cycling (Belgium)

By News Editor / Updated: 14 Mar 2017

The Flemish government will invest more than € 1.1 billion in public transport (€ 816 million) and the extension of the cycling network (€ 300 million), the Flemish Minister of Public Works said last month.

By the end of the legislature, the Flemish government wants to invest a total of € 5.8 billion in mobility projects, including € 3.4 billion in alternatives to road transport. 

The first phase of the plans, announced earlier in February, will focus on road and waterway projects. 

In this most recent announcement, Minister Weyts said that the Flemish public transport operator De Lijn would invest heavily in the acquisition of rolling stock. 

By the end of the legislature (2019), De Lijn will acquire 700 new buses and 138 new trams. 

Significant resources will also be devoted to the improvement of multimodal infrastructures, in particular near the train stations of Ghent, Mechelen and Ostend. 

The investment budget for cycling infrastructure for the current year will increase by a quarter, with emphasis on the creation of 80 new, or partially new cycle highways and eliminating missing links on the network.

For more information, visit rtbf.be (in French).

Image copyright: Tram (image on Flickr) by "Antonio Cinotti", licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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