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European Cycling Challenge 2016 begins

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 04 Jul 2016

The European Cycling Challenge, which takes place from 1 - 31 May every year, began its 2016 edition yesterday.

A total of 52 cities from 17 countries have formed teams and have begun cycling already, with the city of Gdansk (Poland) having cycled almost 16 000 kilometres at the time of writing. Gdansk also has the highest number of participating cyclists.

Italy has the highest number of participating cities with 12, while Sweden and Poland are also well represented with nine and six participating cities respectively. Seven capital cities of EU member states are also participating: Budapest (Hungary), Dublin (Ireland), Nicosia (Cyprus), Prague (Czech Republic), Rome (Italy), Vilnius (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland) and Zagreb (Croatia). Additionally, the Challenge is being taken up by the Israeli capital, Jerusalem.

The European Cycling Challenge sees teams of cyclists in European cities compete to see which city can collectively cycle the furthest throughout May each year. Participants use an app to track the distance they cycle for daily activities, which counts towards their city's total. The data is also collected and given to cities so they can see where the highest bicycle traffic occurs.

For more information, visit cyclingchallenge.eu

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