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EU-funded project sees over half a million take to bikes

By News Editor / Updated: 28 Feb 2017

A European Union-funded Bike2Work project has seen around 300 companies in 12 EU countries promote cycling as a transport mode, resulting in over half a million people taking to bikes for their commute.

Launching the 'Cycling Friendly Employer' marque, both governmental and non-governmental organisations are now able to be certified as cycle-friendly as part of the project. The European standard is based on many cycle friendly measures, from facilities to funding to  drive active travel.

'With our project partners we delivered this scheme that can now be easily adopted in all the EU Member States,' said ECF Development Director Kevin Mayne.

The main objective of Bike2Work was to encourage a significant modal shift from motorised commuting to cycling. The project targeted both employees and the change of their commuting habits through Bike2Work campaigns, and employers, convincing them to meet the needs of cyclists.

As a result, diverse Bike2work campaigns were organised in participating countries, and results went far beyond impressive emissions savings – more than 20 000 tons of CO2 saved in one year. Across the board, commuters cycled more than 145 million kilometers – some 3 600 times around the Earth.

The results of the first two years of Bike2Work go further, however. The companies that participated saw illness costs reduced, employees became more productive and infrastructure costs were saved by businesses.

Visit the Eltis Case Study section to read about the involvement of Nantes (France) in the Bike2Work project.

Source: cyclingindustry.news

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