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EMI and ICLEI launch survey on urban sustainability in cities

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 23 Sep 2014
EMI is pulling together it's Urban Sustainabilty Research Agenda and wants to gauge priorities and views of European cities. Therefore, EMI and ICLEI launched a digital survey, to be filled in untill the 23rd of April.
In order to gauge the sustainability priorities and views of European cities, EMI and ICLEI have jointly launched a digital questionnaire on urban sustainability. Cities are asked to fill out the questionnaire before the 23rd of April so that results can be used in further developing EMI’s Urban Sustainability Research Agenda. The main aim of this Agenda is to, together with cities, identify new, overarching research questions so that cities can become (increasingly) sustainable.

The European Metropolitan network Institute understands sustainability to be one of the main challenges facing today’s cities and larger urban areas. There is, however, a distinct chasm between the (development of the) theoretical sustainability debate and the practical translation that cities assign to the concept. Does this make it more or less likely that we, in Europe, will reach our sustainability goals and objectives? Or is this an irrelevant discussion because in the wider sustainability scheme of things ‘all little bits help´.

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Source: EMI-network
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