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Electric car sales in France up by 64%

By News Editor / Updated: 26 Jan 2016

The French Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (CCFA) has reported that the number of new electric vehicles registered in 2015 was up by 64 per cent, bringing the share of EVs in the overall market close to the symbolic threshold of 1 per cent.

A total of 17 266 new electric vehicles (EVs) were registered last year in France out of a total 1.91 million vehicles, according to statistics released by the CCFA earlier this month.

That’s equivalent to a market share of 0.9 per cent, compared to 0.59 per cent in 2014 when 10 561 new EVs were put on the roads.

The results were welcomed by professionals in France’s EV industry who believe that, despite falling oil prices, government support for the purchase of EVs has encouraged citizens to opt for clean and energy-efficient vehicles.

In April 2015 the French government introduced a €10 000 incentive for anyone who wanted dispose of a diesel car over 14 years old and buy an electric car.

From 1 January the limit was lowered further to 10 years.

‘We are very optimistic about the growth [of electric vehicles], especially as the infrastructure is put in place,’ said Joseph Beretta, president of Avere-France, the national association for the development of electric mobility.

For more information, visit rtl.be (in French).

Image copyright: Electric Car Charging Pavement Marking (image on Flickr) by "Paul Krueger", licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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