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Cyclists cross safely at red lights in Brussels (Belgium)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A trial permitting cyclists to cross the red light to turn right at eight junctions in Brussels has found this action to be completely safe. This finding results from an evaluation study by the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV/IBSR).
Since June 2012, cyclists have been allowed to turn right in spite of a red light at eight crossroads in Brussels. A dedicated road sign at all eight spots has legalised the manoeuvre.

Despite several reservations made before the trial, an evaluation by the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV/IBSR) shows that the action does not pose any threats to cyclists. This finding does not surprise Brussels Secretary of State for Transport Brigitte Grouwels, as the signs were placed at conflict-free sites. Cyclists who cross the red light automatically end up on cycle or bus lanes. According to Grouwels, the measure could be extended to 255 crossroads in Brussels.

The Belgian Road Safety Institute still has reservations about the regulation, as it might cause confusion for children and other people learning to behave safely in traffic. The Secretary of State for Mobility, however, does see the advantages: “The new signs deliver time savings of 20%, making cycling in Brussels so much more convenient. Moreover, cyclists are no longer tempted to make unsafe manoeuvres.”

Source: Metro 4/12/2012
Photo credits: BIVV
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