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Country-wide EV charging network introduced in Austria

By News Editor / Updated: 23 Jun 2017
Electric Car Charging Point

In the latest of a series of initiatives designed to raise electric vehicle (EV) use and ownership, a series  charging stations are being connected throughout the country.   

In addition to helping to curb CO2 emissions, the nationwide network of 1,300 public charging points will enable drivers to recharge their vehicles more easily.  

The process of combining the stations, which are operated by 11 different electricity providers, started in April.

Drivers will be able to sign up with any providers and use all the stations within the combined network.

According to Austria's Transport Minister, Jörg Leichtfried, the country should have 2,000 charging stations by the end of 2017, with this increasing to 5,000 by 2020. Plans are also afoot to connect the network to other ones within Europe in the near future.

Austria's share of electric cars is three times above the EU average and four times higher than Germany.

New electric car registrations went up by 130 per cent in 2016, which constituted the largest rise in the entire EU.

To counteract the higher purchase price of EVs, buyers of the vehicles are now also set to benefit from rebates of up to €4,000.   

For more information, visit climateactionprogramme.org.

Image credit: Electric car charging station (from Flickr) by Håkan Dahlström  under CC BY 2.0.

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