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CIVITAS Insight on public involvement released

By Fred Dotter / Updated: 12 Aug 2016
CIVITAS Insight 16 - Cover page

The 16th CIVITAS Insight concerns the involvement and participationinfo-icon of citizens and stakeholders in the field of sustainable urban mobilityinfo-icon, as it is necessary to address their actual needs and to obtain public legitimacy.

New information and communication technologies have started to shift citizeninfo-icon participation methods more towards online environments. We are entering an era of Participation 2.0.

Today, there is no escaping the widespread adoption of social media. Similar to the rise of the personal computer, mobile phones and the internet, the ascent of social media is historic and transformative in influencing the way people think, behave and communicate.

In few other places is this transformation more distinct and revolutionary than in the use of Participation 2.0 in government administration.

Download and read the 16th CIVITAS Insight, or access all published and forthcoming Insights on the Key Publications page.

Have you been inspired by what you've read in this Insight? Then join the discussion in the Thematic Group on Public Involvement or on CIVITAS Interactive.

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