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CIVITAS Insight on e-mobility and its relation to SUMPs released

By Fred Dotter / Updated: 12 Sep 2016
CIVITAS Insight 19 Cover

The 19th CIVITAS Insight concerns European cities and regions that have a key role in promoting e-mobility. Due to the available range of electric vehicles and the potential of urban fleets in organisations, the introduction of them will primarily take place in urban areas.

To support this, the charging infrastructure needs to be further developed. There are two main tools available for developing local strategies that integrate e-mobility: Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

A SEAP is a key document within the Covenant of Mayors in which cities define activities and measures for reducing CO2 by 2020 according to given targets. On the other hand, since 2005 EU projects have considered SUMPs and they are now an essential part of European policy.

Ideally, cities would blend a structured and effective e-mobility strategy with a SUMP, helping to improve air quality and reduce noise, energy and car dependency.

Download and read the 19th CIVITAS Insight, or access all published and forthcoming Insights on the CIVITAS Key Publications page and the CIVITAS Library.

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