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Call for papers now open to be published on Routledge of Taylor & Francis

By heshamierek / Updated: 15 Feb 2017

The 2nd Conference on Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development (UPADSD), to be held in Italy, follows the success of the very first version which took place in Lecce (Italy) during the year of 2015.

It has become apparent that planners, environmentalists, architects, engineers, policyinfo-icon makers and economists have to work together in order to ensure that planning and development can meet our present needs without comprising the ability of future generations.

Problems related to planning and development, which affect rural and urban areas, are present in all regions of the world. Accelerated urbanisation has resulted in the deterioration of the environmentinfo-icon and loss of quality of lifeinfo-icon. Urban development can also aggravate problems faced by rural areas such as forests, mountain regions and coastal areas, amongst many others.

Taking into consideration the interaction between different regions and developing new methodologies for monitoringinfo-icon, planning and implementation of novel strategies, can offer solutions mitigating environmental pollution and non-sustainable use of available resources.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly building approaches have become an important part of modern development, which places special emphasis on resourceinfo-icon optimization.Planning has a key role to play in ensuring that these solutions as well as new materials and processes are incorporated in the most efficient manner.

UPADSD 2017 aims to bring together, scientists, urban planners, architects and other stakeholders from across the globe to discuss the latest scientific advances in the field.

For more information on the conference, visit ierek.com.

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